Global Blue

Legal and Eligibility rules

  • The Taveller must present their original passport when requesting a GST Refund Form at an approved outlet.
  • The Traveller has to make a minimum purchase amount of MYR 300 (inclusive of GST) or more at the same approved outlet.
  • The Traveller must be at least 18 years of age on the date of validation by Customs.
  • The Traveller must neither be a citizen nor a permanent resident of Malaysia and hold a valid international passport.
  • The Traveller can be a foreign diplomat leaving Malaysia after completion of service in Malaysia and is in possesion of a document from the relevant diplomatic or consular mission stating that the traveller is departing from Malaysia.
  • The Traveller is not a member of the cabin or flight crew of the aircraft on which he/she is departing out of Malaysia.
  • The GST Refund Form / transaction must be validated by Customs within 3 months of the date of purchase.
  • The Traveller is allowed to claim within 2 months of RMCD's verification / endorsement (i.e.2 months between Customs date and Refund date).
  • The Traveller will depart from one of the 8 main international airports.
  • The goods must be carried out of Malaysia as accompanied (hand-carried) or unaccompanied (check-in) luggage.